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Push-pull Flexible Cable– category –

For plugging into board-mounted connectors and flexible wiring

  • The PFC Series refers to a range of flexible cables having a structure with electrodes that are durable against abrasion. They remain durable even when pluggingandunplugging without releasing the lock to the flexible connector mounted on the board.
  • Because the durable flexible cables are made with polyimide, you can use the wiringand extension between the jigs with confidence.
  • Short lead time/Sold as 10-cable set
  • Length of reinforcement board : 20 mm
  • (A sufficient length as a handle is given,and thin products that is 0.3 mm pitch is made of a material that is thin but durable.)
  • Cable length: 150 mm
  • (A length appropriate for wiring_and/or extension is given.)
  • Multipolar capacity: up to 60 poles for 0.5 mm pitch_and up to 65 poles for 0.3 mm
  • *Products can also be made to order for other pin counts. Contact Yokowo for more information.
  • Wear-resistant pin construction allows repeated FFC/FPC connector insertion/disconnection. (Excluding non-ZIF types)
  • Durability: 1,000 cycles for 0.3 mm pitch, 3,000 cycles for 0.5 mm pitch※Insertion/disconnection tests have not been performed for connectors of FPC thickness of 0.18 mm_or less for the PFC-030 Series.
  • Insertion/disconnection tests have not been performed for connectors of FPC thickness of 0.18 mm or_less for the PFC-030 Series.
How to use Push-pull flexible cable

Yokowo test details

New FPC connectors corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommended flexible board thickness of 0.15 mm and 0.2 mm for 0.3 mm pitch and 0.25 mm and 0.3 mm for 0.5 mm pitch are affixed to a proud plate and inserted and disconnected 10 times. The connectors are replaced with new connectors after checking conductivity, and the test is repeated with the number of insertion/disconnection cycles recorded for each pitch and board until conductivity fails.he boards are inserted and disconnected manually, taking care to insert and disconnect horizontally. The boards are inserted with the connector opened and disconnected with the connector closed.(Durability figures are guidelines, not guarantees. Actual performance will depend on connector specifications and conditions of use. Hold connectors close to the pins when inserting and disconnecting.)

※Insertion/disconnection tests have not been performed for connectors of FPC thickness of 0.18 mm or less for the PFC-030 Series.
※If you want to use the PFC series to the connector of the terminal there is no spring property, there is a possibility that the extremely poor durability. Please check the connector in advance.

Usage Examples

Also suitable for wiring between tools_and measuring devices,_and for extension wiring.

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