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BtoB Clip is durable and can significantly reduce the total cost of jig maintenance by using a high quality probe without using the connector on the other side.

If you use Other side connector 
  • Poor workability because visibility is bad
  • There can damage the inspection side
  • of the connector when removing
  • the inspection after the connector.
  • Low durability

When we use our product
  • Improved visibility is good workability
  • Just easily bite as a clothespin!
  • Since the lock mechanism
  • is not there is no worry damage to
  • the inspection side of the connector.
  • High durability (200,000 tests clear)

Recommended for use in the following cases

Surface stiffening plate (top contact)
the inspection item and the connector are mounted on the same plane (requires a connection to an extremely low-profiled connector)

Back stiffening plate (bottom contact)
The inspection item and the connector are mounted on opposite planes (the inspection item and the connector are located in close proximity)


  • Connector mounting displacement absorption structure
    Due to a structure that guides the connector external form as it is inserted, inspections are unaffected by mounting displacement between the connector and board (FPC).
  • Wide space for inspection item placement
    The wide area allocated for mounting of the board (FPC) makes placing the inspection item easy.
  • Wide opening area
    The opening part is expanded to improve working efficiency.
  • Probe protection structure
    Surface stiffening plate: The guide shape is configured to prevent incorrect insertion of the inspection item.
  • Back stiffening plate
    Since the guide tends to float, a structure has been adopted that prevents a probe from directly touching the connector when the inspection item is placed into position.
  • Floating lock mechanism
    The guide part (floating guide) is configured so that it does not descend when the inspection item is placed into position. (Applies only at full-open time.)
  • Superior visibility
    Height has been minimized, and the top front-end part is cut to improve visibility of the inspection item. By accounting for inspections by camera modules, we have devised a way to avoid affecting the angle of view.
    *Angles of view up to 70° are supported even when the center of lens is close to a position 2.75 mm from the BtoB clip end face.
  • Probes can be swapped while leaving the base intact
  • Since the structure accommodates probes, when the base part is attached to an inspection device, the probe can be exchanged. This eliminates position adjustments at each probe replacement.
  • Positioning pins installable
  • A 2-mm diameter hole is provided for positioning pins opened to allow precise placement at a desired position.

Probe contact position

Depending on the solidity of the solder applied, a probe with mild spring pressure is moved against the top of the connector terminal, rather than an instable connector lead.

Wiring type

Pad-fitted type
for discrete wiring
FRC connector-fitted typeC
BBtoB connector mounting
pad-fitted type

Relationship between Pin Numbers and Fitted FRC connectors

Target pin numberConnectors used
10 to 32 pinsHIF6-32PA-1.27DS
34 to 40 pinsHIF6-40PA-1.27DS
42 to 60 pinsHIF6-60PA-1.27DS

General Specification

Maximum rated powerMAX.10W
Maximum rated current0.5A
Maximum rated voltage50V(AC/DC)
Withstand voltageAC100V/1min
Insulation resistanceMIN100MΩ
Contact resistanceMAX.500mΩ(contact part)
Working temperature range0~85℃

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