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Easy work of just hold the Flex.Repeat test is possible.It is a cost benefit hugely by the
working efficiency up. So, if you use a FPC TEST CONNECTOR(Clip Connector),you can easily insert the Flex repeatedly over along period of time because the contact portion of the FPC test connector is highly durable.

Until now: Use FPC connector ,when you test LCD module something repeatedly

Difficult to insert the FPC( flex connector) everytime.

  • takes lots of time.
  • Always damage the fpc connector

Difficult to replace a connector that no longer makes contact.

  • Takes a high cost

From now on: FPC test connector solve your problems

Cost will be approximately 1/4 per 200k uses compared to standard FPC connector.Easy work of just hold the flex

  • Easily insert the flex
  • Shortening testing time hugely

Highly durable

  • about 20million/ test is possible
  • repeat test is possible
What is FPC test connector ?

Series Introduction

CCJF Series

Width processedPIN number SpecifiedIndividually Guide Processed

Ultra-compact FPC test connectors allow machining of widths to suit number of pins; allows efficient installation when locations are obstructed by adjacent flexible printed circuits or by other objects.

CCSE Series

PIN number SpecifiedIndividually Guide Processed

FPC test connectors suitable for 0.3mm pitch and 0.5mm multi-pin; also suitable for use with nonstandard-shaped flexible printed circuits(after requisite machining)

CCMO Series

Individually Guide Processed

FPC test connectors also suitable for use with nonstandard-shaped flexible printed circuits after requisite machining; delivered within 2 days.

CCN○ Series


Low-cost FPC test connectors for use with flexible printed circuits of 0.5mm pitch or higher; same-day shipping

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