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Frequently Asked Questions

for ease of use

How durable are your products? For the probe single product test, our products have a durability rating of 200,000 cycles of vertical contact with the gold plate. Jig durability varies with the conditions of customer use.
Do you have any tips on using these parts? Avoid using solvents such as alcohol for cleaning. Also, when performing soldering and wiring on the jig, remove the board beforehand.
Do these products dent the item to be inspected? Although a slight dent might be visible when viewed under a microscope, it is not a measurable dimension. In fact, it only appears as a dent under certain lighting conditions, but it is not normally visible as a dent.
Do clip connectors support high frequencies? The standard products can support frequencies up to about 400 MHz. If you order a custom wiring board, it can fully support up to 2 GHz. You might also consider using our high-frequency technology.

for comfortable long-term use

Is daily maintenance required? Continued use with dust adhering to the tip of the probe may result in conduction failure. Removing the dust on a regular basis with, for example, a dust remover sheet (visit this link for>>more information)will ensure easy long-term use.
Is the probe replaceable? Unlike other probe methods, this one is removable, making it possible to replace individual tips when they become worn.
Visit this link for a video description.>>Click here
Other than the probe, are there any parts that can wear out? The guide can wear from repeated contact with the inspection item as it is inserted and removed. It is also possible to replace only the guide, of course.
This link will take you to our flexible inspection jig guide.>>Click here
This link will take you to our simplified connection jig guide for connectors.>>Click here
Can the specification of the jig be changed? Simply purchase the parts you need for your specifications. In many cases you can also change the specifications.
Please contact us with your request. Most of the parts in the clip connector can be supported in both the surface (top contact) and back (bottom contact) of the electrode surface for the flexible cable.
Can I replace parts that are not included among your repair parts? Submit a photo of your product in use and simply indicate the parts required. Provide us with the quantity you require and we can submit a quote.
Is it possible to change the shape and number of pins of the inspection item? If the pitch is the same, it is possible to do so by replacing the guide or adding a probe. Please contact us for details.

for a closer relationship with our customers

I am considering introducing your products for the first time, but I am concerned. Please provide us with your requirements. While using our actual products, you can make a clearer decision.
I do not know which series to choose. Please provide us with information on your flexible cables and their associated peripheral drawings. We can propose custom products at a reasonable price through our CCPO series of semi-customized products and our extensive line of parts.
I don't see the pitch or number of pins matching the flexible cables I want to inspect. Please provide us with as much information as you can, such as inspection item drawings and specific requests about your inspection procedure. We can guide you by employing the experience we have gained from satisfying our customers for more than a decade.
I'm looking for a jig not listed on your website. All our products are the result of customer requests. Please send us details of the items you want to inspect, such as drawings, illustrations, and other information. We can offer ideal solutions with our innovative ideas.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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