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Core Probe for repair

YPS-7P series

same day

Core Probe for repair can be purchased separately. 。
Notice) As of January 2010, sale of CPHF-3000-A has been discontinued. Only the core probe for repair will be available.

Product code Uses Per packege Price (for single-order quantities; in US $)
1set 2~9 sets 10~24 sets
YPS-7PA04-071 CPHF-3P-2 5 per set 84 78 73
YPS-7PI04-051 CPHF-3P-3 5 per set 84 78 73
YPS-7PG04-038(Notice) CPHF-3000-A 5 per set 84 78 73
YPS-7PF04-044 CPHF-3000-B 5 per set 84 78 73

※As of 2012, sale of Coaxial Cable CPCA-1000-P-J has been discontinued. Please order to Coaxial Cable GC or GCNS series.

>>GC series click here >>GCNS series click here

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