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Flex Insertion Tool
Flex Insertion for FH58 of Hirose Electric Co.,Ltd.

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Pioneer of Flex Circuit Test Connector

We will answer everyone's expectations in at actual results over 20 years.
Many Japanese companies have been utilizing our products.
“Clip connector” is a typical name of “Flex Circuit Test Connector” in Japan.

In order to temporarily connected to the flexible printed circuit and Flexible Flat Cable for test It's hard to connect to the Flex circuit connector.

During inspections, it is dufficult to insert the flexible printed circuit into the connector directiy every time.

it is also difficult to replace a connector that no longer makes contact.

"Clip connector" is a clip on connector that can be easily and repeatedly connected to Flex Circuit(FPC/FFC).

It has high durability by using a contact probe, and it also has followability to Flex Circuit(FPC/FFC).

By using this product, you can improve the efficiency of the inspection process.

Please contact us along with a drawing of the Flex Circuit.

Clip Connectors

Selecting clip connectors by pitch

0.2mm0.25mm0.3mm0.4mm0.5mm0.8mm1.0mm1.25mmpattern ofer

general specification

list of clip connectors

Selecting clip connectors by Specification

When no restrictions exist on the work environment

With our low-cost custom processing, we can accommodate your needs with regard to reference standards, guide parts, and number of poles.

Standard Product Series

Individually Guide Processed Stadard Product

Pin Number Specified,Individually Guide Processed

When the work environment is subject to restrictions

We can meet your requests for custom widths and shapes as well as other convenient features.

Pin Number Specified,Individually
Guide Processed,width processed

Auto Closing,Variable Pin Number,
machinable Guide,machinable width

Reduced Length,Variable Pin Number,machinable Guide,machinable width

Custom ordering

We make every effort to deliver custom orders with quick turnaround.

Pattern Order Clip Connector

Clip Connector Products

Dust Remover SheetPush-Pull Flexible CableAdditional Open Function  OMF SeriesCCAC Handle  CCAC-OP

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