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New Customers

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※If this is your first order with us, please complete the Registration Form above.

■The icon appearing near the product indicates the estimated delivery schedule. If circumstances prevent us from meeting this delivery date, we will inform you when we process your order. ■We accept orders at any time via e-mail or fax. ■Notification of delivery date: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 18:00(in Tokyo)
No delivery notification is provided on holidays or during the New Year period.
■For large orders, we will provide a delivery estimate separately. Please contact us for details.

■Our various product pages include guides to delivery dates. Please refer to them when ordering.

■If you have any questions, select one of the buttons at right.
Please provide the requested information.
We will reply with a confirmation.

about clip connector■This is a connector jig for evaluation and inspection of the circuits, modules or units that have a connection tip by FPC/FFC unit, for electrical connection. ■Function test for video camera's camera unit, motor unit, etc. ■Function test for HDD, CD, DVD, etc.'s pickup unit, motor unit, etc. ■ Function test for CD, DVD, etc.'s pickup unit, motor unit, etc. ■ Action check for LCD modules. ■Evaluation and inspection for membrane switches or touch panels. ■Inspection via FPC/FFC connection tip for cameras, AV devices, many variation of pickups, motors, electronics devices, parts, and more.

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